⭐️★ if U're in Tokyo, Japan

Monday, October 30th, from 4 PM to 8 PM⭐️

With the cooperation of cocoa, we will be hosting a Halloween party at Shibuya Dogenzaka Church!

It's a very precious one 🎃🧙‍♀️🧹


Early bird tickets are available 🎫


You can buy a ticket here ★




So, I'm gonna introduce the magical warriors who will stand against the nightmare together +°




First, coming all the way from London,



a cult-like Goth Loli icon who seems to have stepped out of an anime and was featured in the "Gekko" Lolita magazine. She creates nostalgic visuals, party zine and her music style includes emo + loli + experimental. As a DJ, she gets the goth club kids dancing to j-core, hardcore, and dubstep etc! 🧷🧷




Next, we have the singer Mysry🪷


A fusion of y2k, hyperpop, gal-mind 🌺, and eco-futurism, also she is a Doll-like artistic nail technician💅 you should resonate with her pop sensibility and glamorous soul balance☯️🧝🏻‍♀️ She'll be performing with her cool producer as back DJ 🎶


And, joining us from Japan... 🗡️




known for organizing parties, excelled as DJs and VJs, and he's coolness is evident at first glance, stemming from his stance...! He's deeply involved in V-kei, underground film, and culture. He will DJing this time also create visuals to be projected at the venue!🗡️




She is a genuine and aesthetically captivating individual, creating a beautiful world with her performances, akin to a flickering flame on a candelabra. She embodies various aspects of gal culture like cocktail girl🍸n My Melody💕she will lead us to the underworld as a DJ🪶



He's performances in the realms of V-kei and goth-punk are a captivating blend of creativity, destruction, doubt, and emotional depth.  seem to evoke something beyond words, residing in the realm between abstract/concrete, 0 and 1. he exude a noble atmosphere that's truly impressive 🗡️




A pioneer who paved the way of cybergoth in goth-loli era, a living reference in the fetish realm! Those of us in the goth scene, including myself, ISEYA, and Soulgem, have all admired such goddess! Another legend is born in Shibuya...!!


Sailor Kannako🎀


my dear sis.. I've admired her when I was in high school... Her gothic-lolita punk style is a reflection of her spirit. From her Witch House DJ era to vocalist of the cyber-occultism band "§§,"[https://sas.yakiuchi.com] and now as a Gothic Synth-Punk unit XIAN with Zaiden.Her words and shouts, stemming from her unwavering soul, reach deep into the core of our hearts, often bringing tears to our eyes without us even realizing💧




I fell in love with her beautiful art the first time I saw her illustrations, Goth-loli enthusiasts supporting her worldwide. Her gothic lolita manga, born from her relentless efforts and her unique, solitary spirit, is a masterpiece. lowkey I'll never forget the shock of listening to her music as "暗黒崎堕落子".! It's a precious opportunity to experience her intense art and merchandise in person 🙏




She's helping organize this event with me! 🌟🎀 With a pastel-colored nostalgia like cotton candy or a fairy riding on a star, everything she expresses through words is consistently adorable, and filled with a core of kindness and strength. She's truly a clover of happiness🌼 She excels as a stylist, organizer, DJ and mix, and my love is beyond words! ❤️


For the first 30 minutes, cocoa and I will play b2b 🎶




If you find Shibuya's Halloween a bit too scary, it's 30th come by in the early evening of the previous day of Halloween to relax

We're waiting for you at Dogenzaka Church with some cool performers n hipsters💒

There's no specific dress code, so feel free to join us however you like. ofc cosplay, and unique bizarre fetish styles are all welcome xx

Date: October 30th, 16:00-20:00

Venue: Shibuya Dogenzaka Church


- atom (DJ) @30.atom.29
- Sailor Kannako (Live) @kannnaha
cityofbrokendolls (DJ) @cityofbrokendolls
- Haizai Audio (Live) @haizaiaudio
- SiSeN (DJ) @sisen_violet
- Mysry (Live) @mysryyyy
- Soulgem (DJ) @soulgem.online

Merchandise/Flyer: ISEYA (@bikeidaisuki)

💓 me as Angel Kingdom will be selling headdress and also collaborative stickers and acrylic stands with Sailor Kannako available 🖤+°.


Don't miss this special magical evening 🪄

RA [ https://ra.co/events/1768277 ]

Be sure to come! 👋